At Opgavekorrektur we aim to polish your writing so that your ideas and arguments are as clear as possible. As well as making sure that your thesis, PhD dissertation, research proposal, article, or essay is free of typos and basic errors, we raise the level of your writing by enhancing the flow of your text, condensing overly long sentences, and ensuring consistency in your use of terminology and tone of voice.

Price: 29-35 kr. per page

Our proofreaders are native English speakers

The service we offer includes ensuring the correct formatting of titles (e.g. books, articles), quotations, in-text citations and bibliographies in a range of academic referencing styles. All our proofreaders are native English speakers with university degrees from UK or US universities with extensive experience in editing UK and US English language texts, especially those written by speakers of English as a second language. We cover a wide variety of academic subjects, including linguistics, medicine, psychology, history and international relations, to name a few.

Flexible proofreading services

Our proofreaders are familiar with Microsoft Office, CMS, PDF and Overleaf formats and are fanatical about deadlines, offering quick, punctual turnarounds and flexible services, with availability at all times including on weekends and bank holidays. We offer careful, thorough editing for exam submission and publication in journals, as well as offering personal statement proofreading and rewriting services, to help you make the best impression possible in your university application.

Extended feedback

Papers of more than 20 pages in length will receive a page of feedback. Extended feedback, which goes into detail on essay structure and “the red thread”, is another service we offer. If you are on a tight deadline and are still in the process of writing your text, it is always possible to send parts of your thesis to us as you finish them so that you can concentrate on writing while we handle the proofreading.

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    Opgavekorrektur is an online proofreading agency. Our core area is academic proofreading of study assignments in Danish or English. We focus on good customer service, low prices and excellent proofreading.